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I want to share the personal journey that inspired me to create a solution for some problems that I saw many businesses face in running their business operations, over the years.

All of them were trying to keep costs low and maximize profits by increasing efficiency and making effective decisions.

In the Oil & Gas industry, I specialized in production shortfall management that quantifies and categorizes the millions lost by well downtime reasons.

Most of them were related to Asset Integrity issues.

Millions were lost each day when wells were shut down and management were unable to make informed decisions without a proper system that provided asset and maintenance information.

I saw similar issues in the residential and commercial rental business during my consulting work.

Materials worth millions were bought each month and left unorganized in different locations without accountability, leading to theft and abuse.

Thousands of fixed assets dispersed all over town without knowledge of what, where and how they are doing to optimize utilization and maximize depreciation.

All over Houston and globally where I’ve been based, I’ve witnessed how this process was plagued with inefficiencies, guesswork & manual labor that hindered their growth and potential.

The process was broken.

Customers were leaving…

Determined to find a solution, I embarked on the journey to create TraxGenie.

We wanted to offer businesses an effective way to ensure integrity of both their fixed and consumable assets, seamless way to catalog and categorize their fixed assets, unlocking maximum depreciation benefits, preventing loss and optimizing productivity, while resolving issues quickly to keep customers satisfied!

As we worked day & night, the vision for TraxGenie started to take shape.

Our asset location tracking system with indoor positioning technology became the beacon of our solution, ensuring losses were minimized.

For example, hospitals that need to track valuable medical equipment and devices somewhere inside the building can now know where they are!

Months of dedication and hard work culminated in the birth of TraxGenie – a solution that empowers businesses to take control of their assets. It wasn’t just about selling a product.

It was about providing a comprehensive solution through a partnering approach from needs assessment, on-site services and software implementation – handholding businesses to keep them on track to ensure success!

The impact TraxGenie will make on daily operations and decision-making processes in multiple industries fills me with a sense of fulfillment and hope!

Our story is a reminder that with determination and innovation, we can overcome challenges and create solutions that shape the future of business.

As my team and I continue to write this story, my hope is that TraxGenie’s magic inspires others to pursue their own dreams, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

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