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Reduce overall cost of maintenance, increase customer retention and evaluate maintenance staff performance.



Get a birds-eye view of your entire asset ecosystem – availability, maintenance status, issues, escalation – all in one convenient place.

Fixed Asset List

Asset Visibility

Locate any asset in seconds with powerful search and filter options. No more mysteries, just complete control.

Reports and Analytics

Turn Data into Insights

Go beyond spreadsheets with customizable reports. Analyze utilization trends, identify cost opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

Work Orders

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You can create and assign work orders to maintenance staff, who will be notified through a mobile application. Parts consumed for each work order are scanned out of the shop using barcode labels provided in the racks. When work orders are marked as completed by the staff in the app, managers will be able to review and close them.


Customize to your Needs

Make TraxGenie work for you. Define custom fields, equipment categories, and even locations to perfectly match your unique workflow.

User Permissions

Empower your Team

TraxGenie allows you to assign roles and permissions to ensure everyone has the access they need. Delegate tasks, manage accountability, and work together seamlessly.

Print QR Codes

Seamless Tracking with QR Code Labels

Easily generate and print unique QR code labels for both fixed and consumable assets. Scan with any smartphone to instantly access asset details, history, and even maintenance logs. Enjoy effortless tracking and eliminate manual data entry.

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