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An effective solution to track and maintain the integrity of your business assets

one-stop solution provider with a cutting-edge cloud software and associated services for Physical Asset Management, Work Order Management and Real-time Asset Tracking and booking!

Accurate Asset Tracking & Cost Optimization

✓ Loss Prevention – Always tracking asset inventory and consumption by staff

✓ Fixed Asset Cost Segregation and depreciation optimization services

✓ Cheaper material & shipping cost with bulk purchasing & warehousing

Increase business efficiency and customer retention

✓ Minimize customer loss due to asset downtime

✓ Faster resolution of maintenance tickets

✓ Increased service quality

Optimize load and performance of maintenance staff

✓ Optimizing load on maintenance staff by work orders submitted

✓ Identifying high vs low performers by resolution times

The Problem

TraxGenie was birthed out a felt need expressed by businesses who are trying to track and maintain their assets, while reducing overall costs and keeping customers satisfied!

Can you resonate with some of these challenges faced by businesses today?

Unable to Track Assets Owned

High Cost of Asset Maintenance

Messy Supply Stores

Unexplained Asset Loss

Can't Validate Material Requests

Complaining Customers

Inefficient Paper Tickets

Frustrated Staff

The Solution

The integrity of assets can be maintained only when staff are equipped with systems that help them perform with integrity and efficiency. TraxGenie is a total solution that enables any organization to technology-enable integrity and efficiency by

Software Features

TraxGenie is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere with any web browser. It also includes two mobile applications to be used by maintenance staff to receive assigned workorders and to scan out materials required from the supply store and the other for warehouse staff to pack and deliver materials to different locations

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
Features BasicIntermediate
Catalog Master Materials List
Setup Property and Shops
Redesign & Organize Shops
Inventorize Materials by Shop
Bar Codes and Labels
Create & Assign Work Orders
Work Orders Mobile App
Track Work Order Completion
Track Material Consumption
Generate Material Reorders
Receive Materials and restock
Dashboard & Reports
Setup Multiple Properties & Shops
Multiple Shop Inventory
Setup Warehouses
Warehouse Inventory
Material Reorders for Properties
Consolidated Material Reorders
Receive Materials at Warehouse
Pack & Deliver Materials with App
Vendor Management
Direct Purchasing Module
Start TrialStart Trial
Custom Organization StructureDashboard & Reports
Fixed Assets CatalogMultiple Locations, Units & Shops
Consumable Assets CatalogMultiple Shop & Asset Inventory
Fixed Asset Tracking and Booking Warehouses
Consumable Asset InventoryWarehouse Inventory
Create & Assign Work OrdersMaterial Reorders for Locations
Work Orders Mobile ApplicationConsolidated Material Reorders
Track Work Order CompletionReceive Materials at Warehouse
Track Material ConsumptionPack & Deliver Materials with App
Generate Material Reorders✓ Real-Time Outdoor Equipment Tracking
Receive Materials and restock✓ Real-Time Indoor Equipment Tracking


Deploying a new Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management System requires a fresh start in the way people, processes and technologies are deployed. We offer all required services to implement this new system, be it business needs assessment, project management, shop renovation, inventory management or training your staff…

Business Assessment and On-Site Services

  • Business Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Supply Store Organization
  • Asset Inventorization
  • Asset Depreciation Optimization

Configure Software for your needs

  • Create Asset Catalog
  • Generate Part Numbers
  • Configure Assets and Shops
  • Load Current Inventory
  • Establish Re-order Levels
  • Integrate with 3rd party software

Provide Training For User Community

  • Train Property Managers
  • Train Maintenance Staff
  • Train Warehouse Staff
  • Train Materials Manager
  • Train Software Administrator


Prepare your maintenance shop

  • Project Management
  • Clean and Renovate Shop
  • Setup Racks
  • Inventorize existing material
  • Barcode and Print Labels


Initial Software Configuration

  • Prepare Master Material List
  • Generate Part Numbers
  • Configure Properties & Units
  • Configure Maintenance Shops
  • Load Current Inventory
  • Establish Re-order Levels


Provide Training For User Community

  • Train Property Managers
  • Train Maintenance Staff
  • Train Warehouse Staff
  • Train Materials Manager
  • Train Software Administrator

Download Mobile Apps

TraxGenie Maintenance App will be used by Maintenance Staff to review Work Orders assigned to them and scan out materials from the maintenance shop.

TraxGenie Material Request App will be used by Warehouse Staff to pack and deliver materials that need to be distributed to the properties based on their material request.

What people say about us

Diana Rosalez
Diana Rosalez
Materials Manager
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I have seen the difference this solution has made to a number of properties I have been associated with. The cost savings and efficiency gains are astounding!
Roger Williams
Roger Williams
VP Operations
Read More
I highly recommend any business owner to consider deploying this solution to track their assets used for their operations. This will ensure quick resolution of work orders and staff are kept accountable for the assets used.

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